I've been drawing comics in one form or another since I was a kid. And while I've worn many artistic hats over the years, the comic is my first true artistic love.

After an extended hiatus from the form, I began revisiting comic drawing to tell the story of some recent deaths in my family, and to deal with the general absurdity of daily life. I really enjoy the process of drawing and find it to be a fairly effective way of dealing with emotional stress, trauma and loss.

This site began as a means of documenting my work on a long-form comic I'm working on, as well as various other drawn work. Preliminary drawings for this piece, tentatively titled Sideburns, can be found in The Comic section. The site has blossomed somewhat into a more generalized thing that encompasses all my various drawing projects in one form or another.

There are other shorter projects featured here, such as Why No One Looks Forward to Turning 40, a four-pager about, you guessed it, turning 40, and The Thing About Your 40s, which is a large one-pager also about turning 40. Are you sensing a theme?

In-progress work can be found under Sketches. And there are some shorter pieces in strip form in the Strips section. At the bottom of any page you can find a bunch of links to things I find useful, interesting or inspiring. Everything can be reached from either the Home page or from the menubar underneath the banner at the top of any page.

Finally, The Blog section is where I post and discuss new work, opinions on comics, and articles on tools of the trade.

I hope you enjoy the site!