Malcontent: A Strip Idea

Malcontent is an idea for a strip about a severely negative guy. Everywhere he looks he sees the downside. The world is shit, people are shit and everything is shit. That's pretty much his world view. malcontent-sketch-whatswrongwithworld

Yes, the character is based on me but is (I hope) an exaggerated version of my negativity. malcontent-sketch-unhappydog


We'll see this guy interacting with his dog and his girlfriend, characters who serve as counterpoint to his skewed attitudes and perspectives. malcontent-sketch-peopleeverywhere


And occasionally we'll get a glimpse at his softer side. malcontent-sketch-whywehavepets

I'm not sure I have enough material to keep going with this as a regular strip. I'll keep trying to come up with them and see how it goes for a while.

But the idea of having a regular strip is appealing. It would be a way for me to keep to a regular drawing schedule and to draw something a bit more lighthearted and humorous than some of my other stuff. It might also be a reason for people to visit this site more regularly and a way to build a readership in general.

So I keep trying to come up with them.