The Job

Somewhere along the line, while working on The Malcontents, my syndicate submission, I realized I like telling stories, a luxury the typical one-liner, gag-a-week Malcontent doesn't generally afford. I also realized at some point that it might be nice to make a book.

So I've started a series of Malcontent strips called Apartness. I have a theme and a story with an ending and everything! And drawings! It's gonna be sweet.

The goal is to collect them into a book, but as I work on them I'll be publishing them here on Malcontent Comics Inc. for all seventeen (yes, seventeen! the site is really growing!) of my loyal fans. I hope you like them, but if you don't it's probably just because you're a bad person. So don't sweat it!

P.S. Comic nerds might note the format of this strip.