Tiger Lab Migration Part 5: File Sharing Broken

I've been building my Master Tiger system. Actually, it's built, and I've been testing it. And I was going to make it my Radmind Master Client, but I've since scrapped my Radmind plans altogether. So fine. It's now just a matter of uninstalling Radmind from the Master and testing it and making sure all is well. Well, all is not well. Somewhere along the line, Apple File Sharing broke. I don't know exactly how or why. All I know is that, yesterday, after uninstalling Radmind, I tried connecting to the Master from my admin machine via AFP. The share mounted for a few minutes, then my Finder beachballed and I got a new error message alert. I'd never seen this one before:

Pressing the "Disconnect" button does just what you'd think: It disconnects you from the now defunct share.

So, looking into this a bit more, I've discovered that the AppleFileServer process on the Master is crashing whenever I try to connect to it via AFP. After the crash there is copius and completely useless output in the AppleFileService.crash.log, and Personal File Sharing is off in the Sharing System Preference pane. I can connect in the opposite direction -- from the Master to my admin box. File Sharing on the Master, however, seems hopelessly broken.

I'm not sure what to do.

I figure I have three options: 1) I can spend forever and a day trying to figure out what went wrong and maybe fix it, 2) I can wait for the much-anticipated 10.4.2 update and hope that whatever got broken on this machine gets overwritten with fresh new copies from the update, or 3) I can wipe and reinstall. Since it's likely I'll have no luck figuring out the problem, and since I'm not really the wait-and-hope type, I think I'll go with option 3.

Time to build another system.

I hate Tiger.