Windows and Linux Dual Boot Part 2: I Broke It

So I got my Windows/Linux dual boot up and running, finally, and I've already managed to break it. I guess this is to be expected as I really have no clue what I'm doing. And maybe it's even good, as I can certainly learn a lot from breaking and fixing a system. In any case, here's what's happened:
• Booted into my nice clean FC3 install, with all the latest updates installed via up2date.
• up2date alerted me that there were some new updates.
• Looked at said updates. One was for the kernel.
• Decided to apply said updates.
• Ooops! The new kernel causes kernel panics at boot.
• No problem, just boot into the old kernel. I love that!
• Then decided to uninstall the new, broken kernel using yum.
• Ooops again. The uninstall appeared to work, but from what I can tell it took with it everything it saw as dependent on the new kernel, including all my window managers (like KDE and Gnome -- essentially, all that GUI jazz), and god knows what else.
• Now I'm stuck in what seems to me like X (but I don't really know) and have nothing but a Terminal and a clock. Drat!
• I'm seriously considering reinstalling FC3 at this point. I know if I did I'd do things differntly thatn I did the first time, so it might not be such a bad idea. But it takes forever, so first I'd like to see if I can learn how to recover from this.

So that's where I'm at with Linux.