Somebody's Actually Reading This?

I just got back from an almost web/email free vacation yesterday, during which, needless to say, I was not posting on this blog, nor checking the email account that gets contacted when people post comments. But then, no one ever comments, so I figured no biggie. In fact, I honestly didn't think anyone was reading this blog at all. I really just made it as a sort of notetaking system for my various systems projects, both at home and on the job, and I've shared the URL on certain forums when it seemed appropriate.

So I was quite surprised to find, upon my return, several comments on some of my recent posts. This is great, actually. I'm hoping people can benefit in some way from my experiences, and already some folks have provided me with some potentially very useful info in the comments section. And I'm hoping this will continue. Either way, I will keep posting my experiences, because it's both fun and useful for me. But thanks to the folks who posted comments. It's much appreciated, if unexpected.

Lastly, about the future of this blog: I'm hoping to move The Adventures of Systems Boy to a webserver that's independent of Blogger sometime in the near future. Nothing against Blogger, mind you, it's just that I'm starting to hit the limits of the Blogger system, and I really want to implement things like categories, if for no other reason than it helps me organize things in a way that's more useful to me, and, I would presume, readers of the blog, if I continue to have readers. The details of this migration are still quite sketchy: I've got to get a domain name and a host for the site, and figure out the best blog server software to use. Yes, I'm still quite new to all this blogging jazz. Until then, I'll be here, on Blogger, which has served me quite well thus far. Needless to say, once the migration is complete, I'll blog all about it.

Again, thanks to the folks who are reading, and to those who've commented. It's got me quite jazzed.

And now, it's Pizza Time.