My Hand to God: Adobe Space Monkey

I was attempting a drag-and-drop install of Adobe Photoshop CS2 to a machine that had not been licensed yet, here in the lab, just to see if one tiny part of my life could be made that much easier. It could not. The attempt, however, did afford me the opportunity to get a load of this Easter Egg:

Adobe Space Monkey Splash Screen
(click for larger view)

Which was promptly followed by this error message:

Adobe Space Monkey Error Message
(click for larger view)

Seems the Photoshop programmers have left us something to smile about when we discover that we'll be installing Photoshop on each individual Mac in our lab. Thanks, guys! You couldn't come up with a volume license scheme that allows me to install a single copy of PS across multiple machines, or a package installer that would let me do same over the network, but you managed to find the time and resources for Adobe Space Monkey. Awesome! I finally get why Photoshop costs hundreds of dollars: You're a bunch of assholes.

Thanks for clearing that up.