Series or: The Plural of Series is Series

It's been nice to finally have some free time this weekend to work on The Blog. There have been a lot of posts in the works that I've been neglecting, and some things I've wanted to fiddle with and maybe implement. Today I got to do just that.

A lot of my posts are part of a multi-post series. I've needed a way, beyond categories, to see all the articles in a given series. I can't find a way to cross reference anything on So I've added a "-Series-" pulldown. It basically searches this blog based on keywords common to certain serial posts. It uses Google Blog Serach as it's search engine. As Google Blog Search takes some time to index stuff, the most recent posts in a given series won't be found immediately. Other than that, it works pretty well and will be quite useful to me. Hopefully to others as well.

The good news about Google Blog Search: It apparently indexes very frequently, like at least daily. My last two posts, which were posted only yesterday, are already in the database today. Nice.