The Dark Side Part 2: MusicMatch

Inserted my first cd in the Dell today. Musicmatch fired up.

Musicmatch, in the middle of my CD listening, brought me to some message window telling me how to get to the "Now Playing" window, which I was already in. It said, "When playing CDs... Click here for Now Playing," and it has a little arrow pointing to the track title. Funny, I thought the best way to get to the "Now Playing" section was to press the "Now Playing" button. But I guess the Musicmatch people think I'm wrong. Fortunately they saw fit to tell me in this message window, whose "Close" button does nothing. There's actually a "Close" button -- it says "Close" and my cursor changes to the hand icon when I roll over it -- but pressing it does nothing. Might be nice if a message window came up telling me how to close Musicmatch message windows.

Windows and the accompanying software are like some medieval torture system.

I'm switching to iTunes.

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