"Too Bad:" The Finder Gets Cheeky

Well, except for my Tiger home account traumas, and forays into the wacky world of Windows and Linux, and the giant staff upheavals at my workplace, it's been a pretty slow news week for me. Which is really to say, I've been way too busy-as-Hell for any sort of recreational writing, and pretty much everything's been going into my Lab Migration posts.

I did, however, discover another funny little error message, this time in the Finder. I use a great free utility called QuickAccessCM, from Abracode, which allows you to copy or move files to commonly used, user-defined folders in a contextual menu popup. I use it for organizing all the downloads that get dropped onto my Desktop, for instance. Just right-click any recent files and send them off to the appropriate download folder, without ever having to drill down to said folder. It's nice and handy, for me anyway.

(click for larger view)

So what happened was, I was copying something from the Applications folder, only I accidentally told Quick Access to copy that item to the Applications folder, which, of course, you can't really do, and I subsequently got this alert:

Slightly Cheeky Finder Alert
(click for larger view)

I don't know; made me giggle. I'm a bit punchy. Long week.