A Tiger Bonus: Keyboard Input During Wake From Sleep

I've discovered something I can really appreciate in Tiger. Finally. It's subtle, but wonderful.

In Panther and earlier, if your computer was asleep, after waking it up you'd have to wait maybe 5-10 seconds before the computer would accept any input from the keyboard. Typically this manifested itself like this: Wake computer; watch the login window until the mouse cursor pops up; finally, after the seemingly endless 5-10 second wait, enter login info and go. Was this ever a big complaint for me? No. Was it something that ever even bothered me? No. It's really not a big deal at all.

But in Tiger it's better.

Somehow, magically, Tiger will capture and retain keyboard input entered during that 5-10 second period in which the computer wakes from sleep. I was so used to waiting to enter keyboard input, I didn't even notice it at first, but the other day I was feeling very impatient, and began typing my username and password immediately after waking my machine. Nothing appeared to happen, but once the computer was fully awake, all fields were filled in with the information I'd just typed, and I was immediately logged in. How this works, I've no idea. But it works, and it's cool. If you put your computer to sleep like I do, this is a nice little time-saver. Just wake it up and start typing.