Latest Tiger Annoyances or: Where is v.10.4.3?

Tiger has caused me no end of headaches. From the home account problems in the lab, to the bugs in the Finder, Spotlight problems, and overall system wonkiness. Here are just a few more little problems I've noticed. And while I can see why 10.4.3 is taking so long, the wait is killing me. And if it doesn't fix a majority of the problems, I'm gonna... I'll just... Well, I'll be bummed, that's what. And more than a little aggravated.

1. Safari window position: This bug is so irritating, I continue to mention it, even though I know it's not likely high on the Apple priority list. If it's not fixed in 10.4.3, I'm switching to Firefox. Hell or high water.
2. Caching problems: Tiger has some serious problems with cache. It gets corrupted a lot, and then you're screwed until you manually delete it.
3. Help crashes: I almost can't open Help without it crashing, particularly if I'm doing a search. Also, sometimes the searches bring up nothing (not "No Results Found," but literally nothing -- no change in the window). Some of this is cache related. Seems almost every time I run Help, I have to empty its cache. Not helpful.
4. Sherlock UI glitches, cache corruption and crashing: That pretty much says it all. Sherlock will, on occasion, refuse to update the UI, showing me, basically, an empty window, and then crashing. Again, clearing the cache is the fix.
5. System sounds just stop working: So do Mail sounds. Don't know why. All I know is, my Inbox is suddenly full and I'm none the wiser. And when I empty the trash there's no crunching sound, which could be a good thing. But still... WTF?

Good God! Sherlock Crashes Again!
(click for larger view)

Every day I get a little more irritated with Tiger. And every day I'm taunted by the rumor sites with intimations that v.10.4.3 is right around the corner. This has been going on for months now. I don't think I've ever waited longer or with more bated breath for an update than I have for this one. The scary thing is that, with all the major bugs that exist in Tiger, it's unlikely that these minor ones will be addressed, and even less likely that improvements to new Tiger-specific technologies like Spotlight will be added in this release. We're waiting quite a long time here for some pretty basic functionality. Can we ever expect to see additions or improvements to Spotlight or Automator? Well, they did it with Dashboard and 10.4.2, so you never know. But if I hold my breath until 10.4.3 gets here, I'll surely be dead for the release.

Add to the list, Tiger keeps changing my "Font smoothing style:" (under the Appearance Preference Pane) from "Standard - best for CRT" (which I prefer even on an LCD) to "Automatic - best for main display." Real problems with settings sticking. Don't know why.