Boot Camp Assistant Innards: The "Other" OS

I downloaded Boot Camp yesterday, despite the fact that I don't have an Intel Mac and, therefore, cannot actually run the assistant. But I wanted to try, and I wanted to poke around to, just to see what I could see. The bulk of the Boot Camp Assistant's 80 MBs is taken up by the drivers needed for Windows to use the Mac's hardware, which live on a disk image called simply, "DiskImage.dmg." The rest of the dmg contains the usual binaries, plists and background images common to applications. But I did find one amusing — albeit only slightly — item: The Mac OS X logo image contained in the application is called "MacOSX.png;" the Windows logo is called "Other.png."

Don't know why, but it made me chuckle. Just a bit.

The Mac OS X Logo Inside the Boot Camp Assistant
(click for larger view)

That "Other" Logo
(click for larger view)

A characteristically awesome article at one of my favorite blogs, Daring Fireball, also notes that the whitespace in the "Other" logo forms a subliminal "X." See, it's not just me.