Boot Camp: Shut Up Already

Okay, sure, maybe there's a hint of sour grapes here, my being still Intel Macless and all, but really, please, just stop it already. If I read one more article about Boot Camp — this one included — I'm liable to puke. Just stop. Stop writing about it. It's all been said. It's all been done. You're just repeating yourselves. And it's driving me crazy.

I just clicked a link entitled "Apple to complete Intel transition by end of 2006" on MacFixIt which, rather than leading me to an article about the Apple Intel transition, actually lead to a five page write up on — yup, you guessed it — Boot Camp. I assume somewhere in the five page article is a line or two about the Intel transition and its imminent completion, but if you think I'm going to wade through another opinion piece on how well Windows runs on the Mac, you're freakin' out of your freakin' mind.

People have been running Windows XP on hardware from vendors the world over for, like, seventy billion years now. I can't imagine the experience would be much different on a Mac. And from everything I've read, this is indeed the case.

Sure, it's great we can do it. Just, please, stop writing about it. You're killing me.