Fix Scrolling Glitch with Embedded Movies in Firefox

Do you use Firefox? Ever scroll a page with an embedded movie and get this?

Firefox Scolling Glitch: Ugly and Annoying
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Are you tired of it? Do you want to fix it? I sure did. And I finally figured out how. Seems I'd done a stupid thing and turned on the "Smooth Scrolling" feature. I'm not even sure anymore what this feature does. I think it ramps the speed of your scrolling as you finish the scroll, gradually slowing the scroll down towards the end. It's cute, but hardly necessary. And it's the cause of this annoying behavior with embedded movies. So, want to stop the insanity? Just disable "Smooth Scrolling." You'll be a happy camper.

Smooth Scrolling Prefs: Ahhh! That's Better!
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