Sync Firefox Bookmarks with Google Extension

A few days ago I wrote about a method for publishing iCal calendars sans .Mac. In that vein, here's a quick plug for the Google Browser Sync extension for Firefox. The extension will allow you to save your Firefox cookies, saved passwords, bookmarks, history and tabs and windows — or any combination of these — to Google's servers. For the more security conscious, you can even opt to encrypt this information. The extension will then sync this information with any other Firefox browser that has the plug in installed and configured.

Google Browser Sync: Finally!
(click for larger view)

I've been using this for a few days now, and I'm loving it. For the first time in my life my home and work bookmarks are finally in sync. It's a thing of beauty, and something I've longed for for quite a while. Of course, if you're a Safari user, you're out of luck. But in my opinion, this is just one more reason you should really consider switching to Firefox. While Firefox may be slower than the others — and bear in mind that the Google Browser Sync will slow launch times down just a wee bit while it syncs your info — it's far and away the most full-featured and stable browser I use. It loads virtually everything and never, ever crashes. And now it syncs with itself via Google.

Don't bother getting me a Christmas gift; I have everything I need.