Bugs! Everywhere, Bugs!

Last week I wrote about our purchse of Quad G5 PowerMacs and the theoretical problems with buying Mac Pros for our lab. In that article I wrote:

New Mac hardware tends to have "growing pains" — usually minor, but still sometimes troubling bugs and problems — that I'd just as soon avoid.

Little did I suspect that bugs would also haunt our G5 purchase as well. After unpacking and building our new PowerMacs, we noticed tiny insects crawling around many of the new keyboards. On Thursday, I went to check on the latest Mac we'd built and noticed what appeared to be dirt on the mouse. Upon closer inspection, this "dirt" turned out to be several tiny insects — some very small bugs, and some even smaller "babies" — crawling about the Mighty Mouse. These same bugs could be found swarming all over the Mac's case. Truly disturbing!

I have no idea what sort of bugs these things are, nor from whence they came. Did they come from the manufacturing plant? From the distributer? I couldn't say. But a few hours after discovering the latest batch, they had altogether disappeared. While I wish I'd had a chance to take a picture for reference, I can't say I'm sorry to see them go. Here's hoping they don't reappear in a few months, giant-sized and man-eating.

Just when I thought my job couldn't get any weirder.