Safari Remembers

The new Safari 3 is out for both Leopard and Tiger (it's included in Mac OS X v.10.4.11). It's pretty nice, I have to say. It now works with Blogger's HTML editor dealio, which is excellent (though slightly buggy at present). The find function now kicks some serious — and, more importantly, some Firefox — ass. Safari now handles tabs intelligently, letting you not only rearrange them in a window, but also letting you tear them off or drop them into existing windows. All extremely slick. Oh, and it's really pretty and fast as Hell. Seriously, it's smokin'.

But perhaps my favorite improvement to Safari 3 is that window placement is now remembered properly. You see, Safari of yore (of Tiger, actually) would remember the placement of the last window opened, rather than the placement of what I'd call the "base" window, or the first window opened. So, after using Safari, if you'd opened any windows other than your first window — even if you then closed them — the next time you opened Safari you'd get a blank window where the last open one had been. Or sometimes in seemingly random spots. I complained about this a long time ago, and it never got fixed to my liking. It was part of the reason I ended up switching to Firefox — I'm rather anal about my window placement and I like my browser pinned to the upper right hand corner, but in Safari it was always moving. Argh!
Well, Safari 3 fixes this. Sort of. Actually, I'm running Safari 3 in both Tiger and Leopard. The behavior remains unchanged in Tiger, but in Leopard, all is as I like it. So perhaps this is a fix in Leopard and not so much a Safari fix.
Either way, it's just one more reason I like Leopard and can't wait to be done with Tiger.
Can't. Frickin'. Wait.
That said, will I switch back to Safari once I've successfully transitioned to Leopard? Only time will tell. But somehow, I doubt it.