Leopard Quota Alerts

Our home account server — the one all our network users' home accounts live on — mounts via NFS. I've already mentioned one of the improvements with regards to this behavior in Leopard, namely, autofs. But I just discovered another.

See, that NFS mount I'm always talking about, well, it's a Linux RAID — Fedora Core 6, I believe. And we've put quotas on every user's account to keep it from filling up. This has worked great, for the most part. The problem has always been how the Tiger Finder handled a user exceeding his quota. Basically, what would happen is that any Finder copy that exceeded a user's quota would fail, mid-copy, with an extremely vague and essentially — unless you happened to know you were looking for a quota problem — useless error message. Can't recall it exactly, but it's something along the lines of: "The Finder encountered an error and could not complete the request."


The good news is that the Leopard Finder behaves exactly like we'd want and expect:

Leopard Quota Alert: That's More Like It!
(click image for larger view)

This alert actually came somewhat prematurely, as I hadn't actually exceeded my quota, and the alert seems to be triggered by hitting the soft quota rather than the hard. What's up with that?

Still, I have to say, I'm endlessly impressed with these little tiny details. They make all the difference in the world from an admin standpoint. I no longer have to worry about quota weirdness! It's great to see Apple do so much for admins with this release. I'm seriously pleased as punch.