Every now and then, when I connect to a network share, the window opens with its top slightly behind the menubar. This has been happening at least since Tiger, and I half expected it to go away in Leopard. But it hasn't. What has changed in Leopard, however, is the menubar, which is allegedly translucent.

Leopard Menubar: My Window has Been Decapitated
(click image for larger view)

But, as you can see from this screen grab, when one of my windows opens behind this supposedly translucent menubar you cannot see it. It just disappears. So, one of two things is happening here: either the menubar is not actually "translucent" but simply draws a shaded strip from the top of your Desktop image and layers the menubar atop that strip; or my window is not actually going up behind the menubar but, rather, is being partially sucked up into some neither-universe where graphics as we know them cease to exist.

Either way, it sure is disconcerting.