Happy Birthday to Me!

Today The Adventures of Systems Boy turns 3! I totally spaced last year's anniversary — so I was totally shocked to realize that it's been 3 years, not 2 that I've been doing this. But this year I'm catching it in time thanks in part to Blogger's new scheduling feature (currently in beta as of this writing, which writing is actually occurring a full two months in advance of the actual birthday and scheduled for publishing on said birthday). Blogger continues to add features I want, so I'm still here. And scheduling is one I've wanted for a while. Those Google folk, why they're downright prescient sometimes.

In any case, this year, for whatever reason, I've seen a general increase in comments, and most of those comments have been really great. It's quite gratifying to realize that there are more than a smattering of people who are actually interested in reading about and discussing this weird, wild Mac lab management niche, and who come here to do it. That makes me feel like a success in some small way.

Anyhoo, I don't want to toot my horn all day. Just wanted to say thanks to anyone who's reading, and especially to those who've contributed. It's appreciated!

And Happy Birthday to me!