Meet the New Systems Boy!

Hello everyone! I'm back! Things have been going extremely well at the new job and the new home, and they're finally settling down to a pace at which I find myself able to write. And, what with the new job and all, I've got about a jillion things to write about. But I've been holding off because I finally decided to move the site to my own hosting provider. Using Blogger for the past three years has been great, but there are certain limitations to the platform that I'm starting to feel, and certain advantages to self-hosting that I think I'm ready for.

So, the new site can be found at the exceptionally sensible URL:

New Banner

The site is live and active, and all the content has been easily ported over to Wordpress, thanks to some terrific reader feedback. Though all the old content remains available on the new site, I will also maintain a complete (though unsearchable) archive of the old site (everything including and prior to this article) at:

You know. Just in case.

Finally, sometime in the near future (possibly by the end of the week), any Blogger URL on this site will redirect to the new front page. And, of course, following this article, all new content will be posted there as well.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of the new look in the comments, if you're so inclined. And do check back soon for new articles, which should start appearing very shortly.