iPhone 2.1 Goodness

One of the things that's been immensely frustrating as I transition everything in my life (my job, my home, my site) to a new version of everything in my life has been the sudden and drastic drop in reliability of a device I've come increasingly to rely on for damn near everything. That device is, of course, my iPhone. Your primary phone is not ever a device you want to go without for very long. Phone service has become so crucial that I can't think of anyone anywhere that could really do without it for any stretch of time. It's more ubiquitous — and certainly more important — than television, or even, dare I say it, The Internet (though I might hasten to point out that when it's working well my iPhone does all three). So when your primary phone begins behaving erratically, it's more than a bit of a pain. And when that lack of reliability occurs during major transitional periods of your life, well, the expression I like to use is: frickin' annoying as shit. I'm telling you, since updating to version 2.0 of the iPhone software — a plunge I honestly wish I'd waited on — I have been tempted numerous times to chuck the damn thing — the phone I've had a love affair with for the past year, this phone of phones — clear across the room, after which I would pounce upon it and tear out and feast upon its touch-sensitive insides. Seriously. It's been bad.

I'm happy — no, unbelieveably thrilled, actually — to report, however — and this is the actual purpose of this post — that the latest 2.1 iPhone dealie-o really does fix all the crap they said it would. The new(ish) iPhone 2.1 firmware, as promised, fixes all the problems I've had over the past month or so. The infuriating slowdowns and maddening drop-outs seem to be truly gone. It's like I'm running version 1 again, which is to say, glorious. Oh, iPhone! I can't stay mad it you!

Figures, though, they fix it right as I'm getting settled. I guess when it rains it really does pour.