The Best Part

Dave Caolo over at TUAW writes:

"For me, the best part of buying my original iPhone was the activation process."

And you know what? I totally frickin' — yes, I said frickin' — agree. One of the most ingenious achievements of the iPhone was pain-free activation. Apple removed that feature in a trade-off that enabled them to lower the base price of the iPhone 3G, and frankly it's the one thing that's prevented — yes, I said prevented — me from buying an iPhone for my girlfriend.

AT&T: Online iPhone Purchase

Well, it now appears that at least some semblance of easy activation is again being offered, though this time it's by AT&T and it happens online. Not as cool as the original deal, but at least I won't have to get up off my ass, get down to an Apple Store, and possibly stand in line in the hopes that they have what I want in stock. Nope, this can all be done from the comfortable comfort of my comfiest chair.

I'll take it!


The other crap thing about the new 3G iPhones? The price — yes, I said the price. Sure, the phones are cheaper, but in the end the monthly is $20 bucks more, and my lady's on a budget. So I ended up getting her the Google Phone. So far, I think she likes it, though she's actually having to look at the manual: and I quote, "Totally useless." Hmmm...

There are some things I really like about the gPhone, though. The Google integration is pretty cool, for one — all your Gmail, Google Contacts and the like are instantly synced. Nice! It looks like it will make an excellent alternative to the iPhone.