Aaaand... We're Back!

So if you've been obsessively checking the site tonight — and you really should have been — you may have noticed a bit of unscheduled downtime. This was just me trying to be clever and failing miserably. See, I've moved to a new web hosting provider, and I wanted desperately to make the transistion seamlessly. Obviously, no such luck. I borked the whole thing up. Majorly. Oh well, I wasn't down too long, and, hey, now I know better.

And, if you're wondering, I'm leaving my old web hosting provider, Web Hosting Buzz. Seems they have a rule that essentially forbids putting "downloadable files" greater than 500 kb. Yeah, that's right. Web Hosting Buzz gives you 1200 GB of storage and then limits you to files 500 kb in size. Sound scammy? I thought so too.

So, The Adventures of Systems Boy! is now living on a Media Temple Grid-Service account. We'll see how it goes. But my initial tests have shown the service to be quite reliable thus far, and I can't find anything that even hints at file size limits. But then, why would I?

Anyway, we're back in business again. Thanks for your patience.