Call Quality Improvements

A while back I wrote about my initial impressions of my new iPhone 3GS. One of main reasons for upgrading was the touted improved call quality associated with the 3G models, but in my article I lamented that the improvement seemed nominal at best, from my cursory tests. I also noted that this would take some time to suss out for sure.


Happily, after spending some more time — and more importantly, more talk time — on the phone, I have noticed a subtle but significant improvement. I say subtle because I can't quite put my finger on exactly what's changed. But it's significant because I find myself far less annoyed and far more capable of the sort of long, involved conversations that were driving me stark raving batty on my 1st Generation iPhone. And that's a huge improvement.

This is fantastic, and tops off my list of reasons for upgrading. With this improvement, every major complaint or wish I had regarding my iPhone 1st Gen has been addressed.

I'm pretty happy about this phone!