It occurs to me that the themes of the last two posts will likely soon converge. When I buy my new MacBook Pro it will come with Snow Leopard, thus negating much need for pre-ordering the beast at all, which I've spent the last two weeks obsessively worrying over.

And, speaking of, pre-ordering, while I'm glad to have helped out Daring Fireball, I'm still waiting on the shipment. That's right, Amazon hasn't even shipped the order yet. Not sure what the point of pre-ordering is if you end up getting your order a week after everyone else. Looks like I can still pre-order it, in fact. Because Amazon just doesn't have it yet. So, a word to the wise: If you're expecting an Amazon pre-order of an Apple product to be in your hands on release day — or anywhere close, for that matter — don't. It doesn't work like that. The good news is, Amazon's giving me a $20 discount on my pre-order. So that's cool.

I guess if I'd played all this right I'd have just gotten my Snow Leopard MacBook and forgone the hand-wringing. Or at least focused said hand-wringing exclusively on which MacBook Pro to get. 17" or 15"? 17" or 15"? 17" or 15"?

Oh, and, "Glossy screen or matte? Glossy screen or matte? Glossy screen or matte?"

In any case, it's done now. And so I wait.