The Data Liberation Front

You have to hand it to Google. They really seem to be thinking about what their users want. Even if users want out.

I think it's very impressive that the search giant has started a branch of the company dedicated to helping users join, but also leave, Google if they want to. It not only shows a certain self-awareness that's seems to me rare in such a large company, but a dedication to service. After all, Google is, in many respects, a service-oriented company. And they appear to take that job quite seriously, and, in true form here, innovatively. Imagine if Sprint offered such a service and you'll get an idea of just what fresh thinking this is.

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The branding is pretty nice too. Very 1920s Socialist graphic arts meets high tech. Very attractive.

And The Data Liberation Front has to be one of the best names for anything ever.

What a great idea. I don't doubt the execution will be just as good.