I have no time to write right now, but I just had to acknowledge a couple of the new Apple products quietly released yesterday.

First off, for the server nerds in the house, Apple now officially sanctions using Minis as workgroup servers.

Bargain Server

We've all been doing this for a while now, of course, so it's nice to see Apple finally offering a bundle. Small, cool, headless and powerful enough for most tasks, the Mini is, for many purposes, an excellent server platform. And, with the client license restrictions removed, Mac OS X Server is a flat $499, making the bundle clock in at just under a grand, so they're cheap too.

And, of course, this Magic Mouse is simply brilliant.


It brings together everything I love about my trackpad and my mouse in one device and solves a bunch of input device problems (like left- or right-handedness, and gunked-up moving parts), all in one fell swoop. I can't wait to get my sweaty mitts on one.

I have to say, I find these surprise product announcements much more thrilling than the usual over-hyped events. I hope to see more of them in the future. This is exciting stuff.