A Few Surprises

First off, I had no idea that the Mac OS X 10.6.4 update affected Mail. Probably because Apple never bothered to mention it in the release notes. Nonetheless, this greets me after launching Mail post-update:

I'm also surprised at how much I'm liking iBooks for my iPhone. There are tons of free, interesting-sounding books, and it's great to have these handy when I just need a little something to keep me occupied. It also lets me read PDFs, which is awesome.

But maybe the biggest surprise with iBooks is that if I want to sync my books to my computer I'll have to delete all the songs, movies and TV shows from my iPhone:

Hmmm... That seems awful drastic. I think I'll pass.

If anyone knows how to sync my books to my computer — and what I might do with them once I have them on there — let me know. For now I think I'll forego deleting all my data.

And check out iBooks. It's surprisingly good.