It's Oh So Quiet

Not long ago I posted about my plan to aggressively filter bacn — messages that aren't quite spam, but that I don't actually want to read — out of my Inbox.

So for three or four days, I let the bacn accumulate, and then I created a couple choice filters from that collection of mail. After putting these filter into action, it's been very, very quiet on the email front.

It's actually a little shocking how seldom I receive email now. That's how much useless email I was getting. So much, that once the signal-to-noise ratio is leveled, it actually feels like I rarely get email at all. maybe a few times a day do I actually receive anything of real, genuine interest.

But it's been great. I'm now spending zero time managing mail I don't care about. I never look at my Inbox now unless there's something worth reading. Email, on the whole, just takes far, far less of my time and brain power, and those are two things I can always use more of.

As a New Yorker, I've both come to accept and to truly hate excessive noise of any kind. Bacn management gives me a rare opportunity to squelch some of that noise, at least of the virtual kind, and the resulting quiet has been truly blissful.

If you're not already filtering your bacn, I highly recommend you take a bit of time and do it. You won't be sorry.