A Squarespace Hat Tip

About nine months ago I switched from a hosted VPS running Wordpress to Squarespace for my blogging needs. At the time, Squarespace had recently made a major overhaul of their platform. I had tried it out for a few weeks and, overall, I really liked what I saw. So I decided to take the plunge.

The following months were hit or miss for me. Things started off well enough; I really enjoyed using the service and was quite happy using it for blogging. But gradually I started experiencing problems, and I even started to get a bit of buyer's remorse.

At one point I had a major performance problem that ultimately turned out to have something to do with the theme I was using. There have been occasional outages, one of which recently brought my own site, among many others, completely down for several hours. There have also been some rather annoying UI glitches, and scheduled posting has worked only intermittently. Lastly, the state of mobile blogging has been pretty abysmal, by which I mean practically non-functional.

The kind of amazing news is, Squarespace seems to have turned things around in the last month or two. I don't know if all the problems I've been having were a result of growing pains due to the platform update, but lately things have been much better. In fact, pretty much every complaint I just listed has been addressed in a way that makes me excited to use the service again, and that deserves mention.

Some UI glitches remain; hey, nobody's perfect.

Some UI glitches remain; hey, nobody's perfect.

Performance has been good again — not just acceptable, but really quite good. The majority of the UI glitches seem to be corrected. Scheduled posting is working again. And perhaps best of all. Squarespace has released new versions of their mobile apps which not only now work properly, but which also work extremely well. The new Blog app has gotten a complete overhaul, and it's really quite nice. I can now post blog articles with images from my iPad! This is just fantastic!

Squarespace still isn't perfect, but it's gotten significantly better over time, not worse as has been the case with every web hosting package I've ever used.

I know there are lots of people behind the scenes at Squarespace who've worked really hard to make all this happen. I just want to say to them, and to the entire Squarespace team, thank you, and well done!

And Happy New Year!