Notes on Live Quicktime Streaming

There are a few details to setting up a Quicktime Streaming Server for live broadcast that I always forget, particularly when it comes to authentication. I just went through the irritation of setting this up for the umpteenth time (it's an annual occasion), and thought I'd post some quick, pertinent notes on the process so that next year I can get the info here instead of scouring the 'net.

Quick Notes:

  • In order to do live streaming via Quicktime Broadcaster's Automatic Unicast there must be a user or group authorized to do so in the qtusers or qtgroups files located in /Library/QuickTimeStreaming/Config/
  • Create users with the qtpasswd command (qtpasswd -h for help; qtpasswd username to set the password)
  • Any user in the qtusers file can do live streaming to any directory in the Movies folder that has the properly configured qtaccess file
  • The qtaccess file looks like this:

    <limit WRITE>
    require user streamuser
    require any-user

    where "streamuser" is the name of the user who is authorized to stream

  • Finally, the live streaming directory must be owned and read-/write-able by the user qtss
  • Live streaming can then occur by simply pointing Quicktime Broadcaster to the live streaming directory on the specified server with the username and password of the user specified in the qtaccess file

Quicktime Broadcaster: Automatic Unicast Settings
(click for larger view)

That's it. Those are the sticking points for me every year. Hopefully, next year I can just check back here and get up and running in a few easy steps.

If not, here are some good links:
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