Scripts Part 5: New Spotlight Disabler

Someone recently commented that my script to disable Spotlight was no longer functioning in v. 10.4.5 of Tiger. When I went to check on the functionality of the old script, I realized I'd been working on a new and improved version awhile back, and that I'd intended to post it, but completely forgot to. So I went in and finished up this spiffy new version, and I'm posting it today for anyone who's interested, or for anyone for whom the previous version had stopped working.

This new version comes with the same disclaimers as the other one (which are now listed in the script itself), but gives you a few more options for disabling Spotlight. In particular, you can now choose to disable/enable Spotlight on either a single volume, or an all volumes. The script will also report the Spotlight status of all currently mounted volumes before asking you what you want to do.


SpotlightEnableDisable Script
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