Firefox Bookmarks

It just took me all freakin' day to discover where Firefox now stores its bookmarks. I thought I'd share.

All user-centric data — that is, all your preferences, cookies, bookmarks, etc — for Firefox are stored in:

~/Library/Application\ Support/Firefox/Profiles

Inside this folder is a folder that just uses a big long string as its name. Something like:


Inside here is where are the goodies are stored. In particular, Firefox now stores your bookmarks in an SQL database called:


Firefox Bookmarks" "Places?" WTF?

It actually makes sense when you realize that the Firefox folks are starting to move toward the "places" language to replace the idea of bookmarks, but like I said, all freakin' day I was looking for this.

So there you have it. From my process of elimination straight to your browser.

And don't forget to bookmark this page.