Shocked to Shit

I really like my Apple aluminum keyboard. I really do. It's compact and attractive, and hairs don't get all caught in it, or if they do you can't see them. The keyboard is springy and resistive; it's got a really nice feel to it. Unless, of course, you've just walked up to it across a carpeted room. Then it's, all like, "Bzzzt!" and my hair's all standing on end.

Aluminum keyboard owners all know exactly what I'm talking about.

Apple Aluminum Keyboard: Shocking!

I'm assuming the thing's grounded as it hasn't toasted anything yet, and so it isn't bad for my computer. But man is it hard on my nerves. Every time — and I mean every time — I touch the damn thing I get, like, twelve-thousand volts coursing through my poor frazzled little index finger. It's getting a little annoying.

Who knows? Maybe they don't get static charges in Cupertino like we do in New York, but you'd think the brainiacs at Apple might've built something in to their fabulous keyboard to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

As it is, I may have to start wearing gloves.