Exposé and the Tab Key

I don't know if this is general knowledge or not, and I'm not a big Exposé user, so I could easily be ignorant of such a thing, but I just discovered that you can cycle through Exposé-activated applications using the tab or tilde keys. Here's what you do:

  • Hit the Exposé key (which is F3 on my nifty metal keyboard).
  • Hit the tab key. This will tab to the next application and display it as though it were in Exposé's application window mode, showing all the app's open windows.

    Exposé Tab Selection

  • Continue hitting tab to bring subsequent apps to the front.
  • Hit the tilde key to cycle backwards through apps.
  • Hit the Return or Enter key to activate the selected app.

This is pretty cool. Who knows, maybe it'll even encourage me to start using Exposé.