Finally and Finally!

Two small but exciting improvements revealed today.

1. Google has at last made some design improvements to their search results (via Daring Fireball).

I wrote about my frustration with Google's lack of design vision some time ago. It's great to finally see them trying to improve their usability and their aesthetic at the same time.

For the record, Google's in the midst of a gradual roll out of the redesign, so you may not see the changes right away.

2. Rumor has it that the next iteration of the iPhone OS will include orientation locking. What's orientation locking, you say? It's the ability to keep the iPhone screen from switching to landscape mode.

I've lamented how the lack of this feature has been one of the major bothers of an otherwise great phone experience. I'm excited to finally have the feature on my phone.

It's definitely the little things I get excited about. But then, sometimes they're what really matter most to a fella.