Dropbox 1.0

Dropbox has finally reached 1.0. This is a significant milestone for the venerable file sharing and syncing application and service.

With version 1.0 come some notable new features. For one, the preferences pane has undergone a facelift.

Also note here the new Selective Sync, which allows you sync only certain folders on a given system:

But perhaps my favorite new feature is Dropbox's ability to sync Mac OS X extended attributes. This means I can finally use Dropbox to sync my custom-made icons and alleviates one of my major complaints with the service.

I also wanted to mention that I reported my image issues with Dropbox Mobile and have been informed that there is a bug in how Dropbox is creating thumbnails for PNGs. I'm told a fix is in the works. Great news!

Once this bug is fixed I'll be left with little to complain about in Dropbox. And once that happens, it's likely I'll upgrade to one of the paid plans and forgo my MobileMe account.

So kudos to the Dropbox team. You guys really make a kick-ass product!